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American occupying forces subsequently became major buyers of the Dassler brothers' shoes. Also I will be using my research to make judgements. In addition it has a big portfolio of products which are available everywhere in the world.

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It is now producing shoes using the Parley ocean plastic. Their portfolio includes such brands as: Adidas - Footwear, apparel Athletes of all kinds would wear them and create magic wearing them.

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Their shoes were a radical departure from traditional leather cricket boots which had remained basically unchanged for decades, being lighter and more flexible but also offering less toe protection, so that it became not uncommon to see batsmen who had been struck by the ball on the foot hopping around in pain. Adidas Baseball hardgoods are licensed to Dick's Sporting Goods. Augmented Product The augmented product is any non-physical parts of the product. Always ask yourself first when developing a product: What benefit does the customer really seek? We will investigate the three levels of product. Dubbed by the company "The World's First Intelligent Shoe", it features a microprocessor capable of performing 5 million calculations per second that automatically adjusts the shoe's level of cushioning to suit its environment. Pricing decisions should take into account profit margins and the probable pricing response of competitors. They also purposely bankrupted Tapie's company that owned Adidas, because only the company had the right to sue them. What is it that the customer really needs? These are known as the

Adidas has also invested in digital technology to drive its productivity high. Actual product The actual product is the tangible, physical product.

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Business Strategy of Adidas Group