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Organized Paragraph So fun! Diving Deeper into Character Now that your students understand the difference between inside and outside characteristics, dive deeper into describing a specific character. As students are editing their work, have them read with green, yellow, and red pencils in hand so they can see how their paragraphs are hooking and engaging readers.

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It really walks your students through the process, so they have all the elements they need to create their own story. Writing Pie Source: Unknown This is a quick and easy anchor chart to help students see different types of writing.

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Often, they will give me ideas that never even crossed my mind. Use the chart as a whole-class reference or laminate it to use in small groups. One way to adapt this chart, as students develop their understanding of argument, is to write each element—claim, argument, evidence—under a flap that students can lift if they need a reminder. Now students can get a good look at what it means to dig deeper. Then, kids pair-share before going over each note as a group. We asked six teachers to share their top tips. Organized Paragraph So fun! Successful notes get posted on the chart, which can be added to all day. Through conversation and effective questioning, students realized that one of the pieces was missing and how important it is to have all the pieces of a story to synthesize meaning.

Teachers share their awesome anchor charts and tried-and-true tips! I may take bits and pieces from several charts and add my own twist.

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Dig Deeper Source: Mrs.

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6 Amazing Anchor Charts