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The following requirements must ALL be achieved either in the domestic country, or the qualifying country. Anyone not seen to be actively building their business and encouraging their team to attend Company events with themselves will waive their entitlement to attend these events.

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Distributors are responsible for monitoring their personal CCs and any other qualifying CCs. Transferred Manager status cannot be used towards pinning levels. The Company reserves the right to alter the qualifying targets for any of its events. Successful Distributors gain current knowledge of the market by attending training meetings, maintaining their own personal retail Customers and sponsoring others to sell retail. Literature is also available for purchase from the Company. Any balance owed after these deductions will be forwarded to the Distributor as soon as is reasonable. Any Active Recognised Manager in a Downline i. A Manager who is re-qualifying to receive Leadership Bonus see 4. Statutory rights are not affected. No amendment to the rules will require independent Distributors to incur any expenditure but they may require them to amend their business practices. Any unearned bonus will be paid to the next Distributor up the line who is an Active Distributor. Managers achieving Eagle Summit will be invited to an exclusive global retreat, and will receive Eagle Summit recognition and awards at the Global Rally.

Resulting adjustments shall be made for this non-compliance. The Corporate Website Distributors must keep accurate records of monthly sales to their Customers; such records must be made available to the Company for inspection upon request and upon being given reasonable notice.

5 minute business presentation forever living product

Independent Distributors agree that the Company has the right to change the Marketing Plan and the rates of bonuses and incentives paid by the Company and the events in respect of which bonuses and incentives are paid, at any time on not less than 30 days written notice. These 12 CC of accredited sales must occur in the country of residence.. I appreciate you Rock Star! However, the Company will use its best endeavours to address and resolve such claims through the Distributor. From time to time, the Company offers other incentives to Distributors based on their sales performance. A new Distributor who purchases two Case Credits from the Company within two consecutive months or less will advance to the position of Assistant Supervisor. Any other sale to other Distributors, either directly or indirectly, is a prohibited transaction for both the selling and the buying Distributors. The company accepts no responsibility for orders not collected within this period. Active Recognised Managers may qualify to receive their respective Leadership Bonus if they have sales of 12 CCs in personal and non-Manager business per calendar month, subject to paragraphs 4. In order to achieve the 1, Case Credit and higher Global Rally awards, a Distributor may combine Case Credits from all the countries where they have a group.

The company accepts no responsibility for orders not collected within this period. Products must not be decanted, re-packaged or re-labelled or in any other way dealt with prior to resale.

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Statutory rights are not affected. All Distributors are independent Distributors and notagents, representatives or employees of the Company. The Forever Living Products group of companies are engaged in the sale and distribution of health, nutritional and beauty related products which are fully described in their company literature. In Ireland bonus payments are paid via Cheque and are posted before the 15th of each month. Room allocations, etc. Last week I did a cool training on My Favorite Network Marketing Prospecting Questions , make sure to check it out for more training on what questions to ask. The Company will then replace the Product. On the day of the appointment, I like to send a quick text to confirm Now, I know there are a lot of people that are doing this already, but not everyone is doing it the right way. Core Requirements For All Levels. Distributors at all levels of the Marketing Plan are encouraged to make retail sales each month and keep records of such sales. Do not mislead by making claims that high earnings are easily achieved. Exceptions are allowed at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Super Hot Tip: To get more people to come to your business presentation or meeting, ask them to bring something! Distributors who are not Active Distributors in any month will not be paid a bonus on their Sponsored Group that month except for the personal bonus accrued from their directly sponsored New Distributors.

The Executive Committee will take into account all the provisions in the Company Policy. Upon receipt of such proof and any remaining Product and packaging, the Company will, at its discretion, replace the Product or refund the purchase price paid.

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A Distributor can qualify for an all-expense-paid trip for two, to attend the annual Forever Global Rally, by accumulating 1, or more total Case Credits from 1 January thru 31 December of each year.

The Company reserves the right to alter the qualifying targets for any of its events.

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