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Equipped with an optional off-road-oriented package featuring an off-road tire, it suffers from far fewer ride and handling trade-offs than the Tahoe. While the three Americans scrambled and crawled through everything we threw at 'em, the two Japanese SUVs struggled a ton, needing four-low in a couple spots. We found ourselves parking further away from our destination in parking lots, or trying to park next to smaller vehicles. Plus, both rows fold flat. The Tahoe follows the path of the latest Chevy Silverado , borrowing its updated boxed frame and 5. Our four-wheel-drive Tahoe is powered by the standard 5. The Tahoe's rear-axle design makes the SUV feel stiff—though compliant—and busy while going down the road. As Americans, we ask a lot out of our family vehicles. The Finspired cabin features huge storage cubbies, plenty of cupholders, and plenty of room for adults and their cargo in all three rows. Our Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD LT started its life as a midlevel model but is loaded with options, including the Z71 Midnight Edition package, which adds off-road tires, an off-road-oriented suspension, a revised front bumper, black paint, and some decals. Although "sorely lacking in features," according to Nishimoto, the fundamentals are right. Bringing up the rear is the Chevrolet Tahoe. On canyon roads, the Expedition hustles without falling on its face. Yet even it employs a modern independent rear suspension.

To be fair to the rest of the segment, anything this large is going to sacrifice maneuverability. While its new interior is nicely finished, the Tahoe's cargo- and people-carrying capacities are compromised by its rear suspension.

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Although most of us found the Armada's throttle response to be overly aggressive, we all really liked the Nissan's powertrain. The Chevrolet Tahoe feels every bit as truckish as the Silverado platform it rides on. Nissan has also been a player in the segment with the Armada. Not that 6. This is our first drive for the current-generation Expedition. The big Toyota has soldiered on without any significant changes for a decade, putting it far behind the rest of the pack in automotive development. To some, it's all about price. It has velour cloth seats straight out of a Camry, the tacked-on infotainment system requires a reach clear across the cabin to operate, and there's just a single USB port. While the three Americans scrambled and crawled through everything we threw at 'em, the two Japanese SUVs struggled a ton, needing four-low in a couple spots. It's almost fun, even, to find a rhythm in a beast like this, slowly increasing the pace to just beyond the point of incredulity without breaking the spell. The soft suspension does, however, mean that the Armada leans a ton through corners, sending unsecured cargo flying as the Nissan rounds bends. These seven- and eight-seat SUVs are tasked with shuttling family members to school, jobs, and sports practice during the week. The setup limits seating to just four occupants if you want to carry any significant bulk, though the individual thrones are high on comfort and make easy work of getting to the way back.

Given how many jobs we expect these SUVs to do, our testing will ask more of 'em, too. The Armada was a close second choice in our towing tests. The Tahoe keeps the Armada company when it comes to scant third-row space and comfort though the Chevy's is slightly more humanebut is a remarkably well-executed package otherwise.

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With exceptional safety features and superb handling, this 4WD was engineered with excellence in mind. We'd have turned it off, but good luck navigating through the Nissan's digital instrument cluster in traffic.

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Navigation is available, but annoyingly gets locked out when you're utilizing the standard Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It's important to note that the Expedition has a lower lift-in height even if it's still quite highand in general is the more versatile vehicle.

The only SUV not built in the old-school body-on-frame fashion, our Durango tester features the optional 5. In total, the Expedition's engine represents a key reason to consider it, especially if you're comparing the Max to the Chevy Suburban, which produces only hp and lb-ft of torque from its 5.

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The seats are comfortable, and the first two rows are spacious. Despite their excesses, these giants remain indispensable for their vast range of capabilities. The third row is accessed pretty easily and can fit adults in a pinch. The Tahoe follows the path of the latest Chevy Silveradoborrowing its updated boxed frame and 5.

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