A history and problem definition of public housing

This housing is now generally referred to as l'habitat social, a slightly wider sphere than just housing.

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Residents were provided access to light, air, and sun. The residents were mainly working-class families with several children. Furthermore, the housing stock affordable to low-income people is continually shrinking.

August The earliest public housing project in Finland was in Helsinki.

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See Table 5. The apartments had an average of five people per room, sometimes up to eight. Fraud, Waste, and Delays Hamper Rehabilitation A major HUD goal is to increase the supply of affordable, decent, and safe rental housing, but it has not been particularly successful in this regard.

History of housing

The construction of HLMs were subject to much political debate. The right to healthy housing was written into the Weimar Constitution , but few homes were built until the economy stabilised in However, there was a major homelessness crisis in the winter of —4 and the necessary laws were gradually mobilized producing high levels of construction almost continuously from the s. These housing estates Siedlungen , were made necessary by the dreadful living conditions of pre-war urban tenements. This tends to intensify the controversy over social housing allocation, who should be housed. This affects a minority of social housing but has a high profile and still produces serious tension. Social landlords were a major source of expertise as well as construction actors with links to national and local bodies. Rents were gradually deregulated until debate in the s led to the current rental law of theoretically balancing landlord and tenant relations. It has also been sought to resolve the problem of access to the system by disadvantaged people by a new system where certain groups can apply to court to be housed if refused, the "right to housing".

The Office of Policy Development and Research reports that in This affects a minority of social housing but has a high profile and still produces serious tension.

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Public housing