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It is only when the three sisters are together that they look like their mother.

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She did not know what it meant when her mother said "It's in your blood, waiting to be let go. She remembers seeing herself and her own mother back in China, comparing their features then. She was furious at what she perceives to be a mistake in their hotel booking. Only her skin and her hair are Chinese. This highly emotional ending to the novel is based on a true incident from Tan's life. At the end she learned to understand and respect her family. As the train enters Shenzhen, China, Jing-mei begins to "feel Chinese. She is the year old American born daughter of Suyuan a women who made the big decision which was to abandoned her twins, however she did it for love because at the time she thought she was going to die. The narrator embarks an adventurous journey. When Lindo replies that the Chinese will know Waverly is American before she even opens her mouth, Waverly is disappointed. Canning asked Auntie Lindo to write a letter to the twins in China to inform them that their mother was dead Tan, It is so obvious. How she abandoned the twins and the words the author uses to describe this moment are very emotional. In the story, Jing-Mei is described as a furious character.

One more thing to note in regards to June's name is that it has three different forms spelling and pronunciation --"June May", "Jing-Mei" and "Jandale". She has been denying herself of any Chinese heritage that is that is in her, Americanizing herself as much as possible to avoid her real self.

Despite her entreaties, no one would take the babies. Jing-mei is not sure of her heritage.

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She answered the question about interview that was in the New York Times. Thus, she determines that her real origin was in China.

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The sacrifices made for love between parent and child. It is her family. Knowing the authors biography also help us see the story from another perspective.

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Jing-Mei had conflicts that she was forced to resolve.

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Literary Analysis of "A Pair Of Tickets"