A short paper on socrates and democracy

He turned Greek attention toward questions of ethics and virtue and away from those of the heavenly bodies.

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This new method of thinking encouraged people to question everything around them and invest in critical evaluation. Evil can occur to an individual from the outside. He served in the Athenian army and fought in many battles. And that is what will convict me, if I am convicted—not Meletusnot Anytusbut the grudging slander and envy of hoi polloi.

In the opening scene of Barefoot, in contrast, Socrates is home with his family when a civic-minded fellow Athenian rushes in to inform him that the Athenians have lost the war.

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Therefore, he supported truthful principles and not democracy. For someone to paint life in such a negative light they must have suffered a great deal through the course of their own life.

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Socrates Essay