An analysis of the differences between the outsiders novel by se hinton and the outsiders film by fr

An analysis of the differences between the outsiders novel by se hinton and the outsiders film by fr

This assignment inspires Ponyboy to write about the greasers and the Socs, and his autobiographical theme turns into the novel The Outsiders. Note that as the novel opens, Ponyboy, one of the three brothers, is alone and thus more vulnerable than if he were with his two brothers. In her novel The Outsiders, S.

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In her original descriptions of Ponyboy's gang, she uses cool colors: Ponyboy's eyes are greenish-gray, Darry's eyes "are like two pieces of pale blue-green ice," Dally's eyes are "blue, blazing ice, cold with a hatred," and Two-Bit Mathews has gray eyes. Analysis The narration of this story by a year-old boy allows for the novel to be written in an easy-to-read format. This novel has many themes and morals that fit perfectly with it, but the main one is to show how our society segregates people based on their looks and appearance. Hinton was based on a character called Ponyboy. But he is not that extreme persona. How can this happen when two characters are so different. There are may similarities and also many differences between the two the book is by far more interesting and more detailed then the movie. Hinton the author used three main points such as characters, loyalty and violence. He is similarly portrayed in the movie. Susan could not write The Outsiders By S. Greasers are known for their long, greased hair.

Pony's fascination with sunsets at the beginning of the book and, later, his appreciation of the countryside around the church hideout "I loved to look at the colors of the fields and the soft shadings of the horizon" symbolize this development of his character.

Corvair a Chevrolet automobile model. Johnny and Ponyboy make it to the church without being seen, they clean the church up a little bit so that they could have a place to lay at night because it was filled with broken glass and had rats everywhere.

Hinton wrote it.

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Hinton was born July 22, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Similiaries and Differences in Characters in The Outsiders by S. E. Hint