Architecture thesis site analysis

Major Landmarks After spotting the major landmarks, analyze the integrity of their existence in close proximity to the site. To cool a building, its orientation can pull and circulate cool summer air though its plan by aligning its long axis with the prevailing wind direction and by providing deep over hangs for shade.

site research architecture

Orientation of the site Mark the orientation of site. This can be achieved through calculated control of the effects of the sun, wind and rainfall, through good positioning of openings and rooflines to provide natural light, warmth and shelter throughout the year.

When using the context to influence materiality, look towards the local vernacular of the surrounding buildings. When considering local weather patterns, the aim should be to always provide a building with the best possible access to solar gains, daylight and shelter.

site response architecture

During the winter months, its built volumes can provide shelter and create protected external spaces via courtyards. Easy accessibility to the site is very important for any kind of project.

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Introduction To Architecture Site Analysis