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Three Argument Types There are lots of different ways to approach an argumentative essay.

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This approach involves the following layout: An introduction with a thesis statement. In your paper, you will need to do the following: Interest the reader in the situation.

Do artists make enough for living?

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Tell them what they need to think, do, feel, or believe. Still can't come up with an idea? Do technologies make people feel lonelier? Without doing this you do not have an argument, you have only an assertion, an essay that is just your unsubstantiated opinion. Writing a paper is a challenge itself, and supporting it with solid academic argumentation is a cumbersome task not only for students but for most of us. Art, Music and Cinema How is cinema and music better than art? For example, in college, you may be asked to write a paper from the opposing point of view. Heavy metal vs hip-hop Does modern cinematograph make any good to people?

We have gotten used to the idea of being in a tribe of one, loyal to our own party. Homosexual couples and their public influence People have low salaries because of corruption How to evade the law? Value: How important is it?

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Skiing and other extreme types of sports Horror films are not for kids Argumentative essay topics for college students Production and sale of tobacco is illegal Can death sentence be equaled to 25 years of imprisonment Passive smokers get more damage than active Can human brain be destroyed by alcohol? Anticipate opposing positions and arguments. This builds a lot of trust and generally indicates a solid argument. For example, you might write an essay arguing that military service should be mandatory. Top-rated argumentative essay topics We have selected the most wining yet simple topics for your future essays. This is where you present your first argument. What is your reason for rejecting these positions? The most important thing, of course, is choosing one of winning argumentative essay topics. How will they affect the reader or the relevant group of people?

Updated August 21, An argumentative essay requires you to decide on a topic and take a position on it. Present undeniable facts from highly regarded sources. Does virtual relationship have future?

Choose your strongest evidence and present your points one by one.

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Also, pay attention to the right formatting of your text. We want to customize our lives. Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago? Final Tips When writing your essay, consider these tips to help craft the most rational and poignant argument for your readers. This approach is useful when the topic is highly polemical. Keep in mind to support it with thesis and quotes. Otherwise, your subjective opinion may be graded subjectively. This is where you present your first argument. Updated May 20, To be effective, an argumentative essay must contain elements to help persuade the audience to see things from your perspective. Post navigation.

Topics that state scientific facts proved by centuries do not work. Keep in mind to add an impressive thesis statement. Is our election process fair?

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