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AP exam is offered in May, college credit possible on test results Introduction to Medical Science: Life Science This course of study will help prepare students interested in entering a two or four year college program in an health or medical related related profession.

All current scientific evidence suggests that the Earth offers a rare, perhaps unique, environment within which humans thrive. The course focus is the understanding important biological relationships, processes and mechanisms, and the application of biological concepts.

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Science is concerned with the facts, concepts, and processes at work in the physical and biological worlds. Major course topics include ecology, cell biology, cell biochemistry, the maintenance of homeostasis in animals and plants, human anatomy and physiology, genetics and evolution.

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Seniors also attempt to have their work published. Final: exam AP exam is offered in May, college credit possible on test results College credit: 3 CHS credits through SCCC Environmental Studies Relevant environmental issues and their resulting impacts, as well as sustainable energy and agriculture, will be investigated through interdisciplinary research, literature and field based inquiry.

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In addition, Advanced Placement Biology lab meets every other day. If you are unable to access any pages on our site, please contact us at asktech valleycentralschools. Field trips, short and long-term projects, use of technology, portfolios, and labs are the emphasis of this course. A good working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry is required for this course. Successful completion of Regents Chemistry with a grade of 75 or higher. Final: Exam Advanced Placement Biology: Life Science This course is the equivalent of a first year, two semester college biology course. It is designed to help students gain the background information necessary to be successful on the Living Environment Regents Exam. Is it designed for students with a strong science and math background, especially for those students planning to study science or engineering in the future. It looks at the role of the lab in criminal investigations including firearms identification, examination of documents, crime scene analysis, and fingerprinting.

Extensive laboratory experiences are required accompanied by formal written laboratory reports to be submitted by each student.

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