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For example, the valedictorian of my high school class really wanted to go to Georgetown. Related New York Times coverage:. My mental health suffered immensely because of underperformance on the court in college; my grades slipped and I fell into a black hole of self-destruction where I blocked out any light from entering and helping me out.

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College athletes are people that are trying to get to the pros and therefore, are not paid because they have not made it yet. The athlete can choose to spend this money in any way they want. College is a place where you learn to grow up and how to manage your life. It is intended to provide direct benefits to student athletes or their families as determined by conference officers. Also being an athletic student one is already isolated from university; therefore, compensation would increase this gap. Forcing the N. But it's not just that five-year full ride the players get. Every Saturday there are a bunch of college football games, top performers get reward with awards like the player of the week, and that goes for all sports. For free? Cash or a salary could be spent on wants rather than necessities, potentially leading the athletes into a debt they would not have with the benefit of a scholarship. The athletic scholarships are enough to cover all the expenses a student will require for a period of four years including tuition, books, medical care and meals. Cody J. If athletes were to start getting paid, it would give people a reason to talk about paying other students in the school.

Money allocation Most people believe that colleges and universities make off money with the help of athletics. They should give the game their all because that is what they love. New levels of administrative complication would be incorporated into the educational system, which would further increase costs.

Just how much is it worth to have ESPN talk about your team every week? Universities and colleges spent over 42 mil to pay for players who, except for an elite couple hundred, will never set foot on the gridiron again.

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Alternatively, only about two percent of college athletes make it big. This might cause a lot of problem relating passion to salaries.

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By Cody J. This is because in college a person has access to education through participation in sport where they earn the scholarship to pay tuition and other expenses. This is one of the highest levels any athlete would dream to compete in, therefore, it should not be taken for granted. The athlete should focus more on the sport they play because not every one is lucky enough to receive the aid they do. What they do not understand is that college is not a place of work and that it is meant to further education for a future career. Free publicity. Disadvantage to small universities Additionally, if all universities started paying athletes, this would make a difference between bigger and smaller university athletic teams. According to star.

Most people would agree that athletes should be compensated when profits are generated by their likeness and activities.

The word student comes before athlete.

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To pay athletes a salary, most public institutions would need to ask taxpayers for monetary support. The money would have to come from somewhere.

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