Cosmology of the akans of ghana

The strength of one's white bones has the same origin. Every event here on earth is thus traceable to a supernatural power in the spirit realm.

Akan spirituality

The Rescuer plucks you from a dehumanising ambience and places you in a position where you can grow toward authentic humanity. They see the Name and the Blood of Christ and the Word of God as efficient and sufficient for salvation. No corporate descent groups are formed on the basis of patriliny, and the groups, relegated to a subordinate position because of the expansion of Akan matriliny, vaguely spiritual categories even before colonial times , are rapidly disappearing. This Supreme Being, Nyame, has eternal life. The word "ghost" is a very poor translation. This divine Word is not an abstract proposition but an event in our lives, empowering us to continue in the fight for our full humanity. May the hunters kill meat. He lives for ever. This is a status capacity for rationality and morality that a colt cannot be accorded because even a horse cannot become a moral agent.

A master drummer, so J. Abraham, W. The distinctive qualities of this concept of persons as interpreted by Wiredu are brought out when contrasted to the analysis of another leading African philosopher, Kwame Gyekye, who takes issue with this graduated conception of person.

Texts in the speech mode of drumming might, then, be transmitted unchanged over long periods of time as their meaning became more and more obscure. This Supreme Being, Nyame, has eternal life. The cosmic struggle is accepted as real because the Bible, they argue, presents the phenomenon as real, not just because the traditional culture admits this to be so.

They are sometimes referred to as ghost.

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The social bases of personhood supplement this minimum level of inherent respect. Pentecostals have taken the issue of material prosperity to the realm of Divine blessings. In fact, a person of high moral standards or conduct would be described approvingly as oye onipa paa—literally, she is a real human person.

The okra is the transmitter of the individual's destiny fate: nkrabea.

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Akan Cosmology & History