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Pages: 3 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. When I stepped on the top step, I slipped and rolled down the stairs like a ball.

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At that point I did non cognize whether to express joy or shout. Thank you! I knew that both of us could non hear the same sound if it was non for existent.

It was a cold winter night and I was sleeping in my warm and cosy bed. I tried to go toward her door but I couldn't move.

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I held a stick in my hand and move quickly to my home for dinner. My cousins jumped out from behind the sofas and started laughing at me. Your essay should begin with grabbing the attention of the reader. All this does not, however, frighten. I hurried in the direction of the electricity switch and turned it on. Surely your inner feelings have not let you down, and something scary has happened. I was trying to write the answers which I knew but my fingers would not obey my brain, and I am sure that you can determine the results of the exam without me providing additional details. I am going to apply them here to support my belief in the near-death experience. I don't understand why I could move my arms, hands, how I stood up, how I dropped myself to the floor when I couldn't walk forward. Do not be afraid or shy to share your emotions, fear or unpleasant experience with others. Nursing students are not only concerned about properly caring for patients, but they have just as much concern regarding the techniques of how to properly address patients and their families in a manner which conveys the care and concern they wish to possess when they become registered nurses. When we enter I could appreciate that it had a spooky appearance that it made my hair straighten up to see such terrifying place.

My niece told me that there was something in the Japanese room. The next day we told this experience to my relatives and one of my uncles found out that strange noise was made of a body that was scratching the coffin.

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Parents send their children to college assuming they will be in a safe, educational environment while enjoying all the benefits campus life has to offer, including fraternities and sororities How to describe a frightening experience? We went to the movies later that day and I did not feel good enough to enjoy the movie tho. I do believe it's something more. Fortunately I passed the same test the next year. Inside, we saw many rows of gravestones with extremely enigmatic carvings on them. I felt a strange sensation and I was about to faint. All these fearful events accompanied with awful feelings make my experience the most terrifying of all. If only I could go back in time, I would certainly change. It was about half an hr subsequently when I was still lying awake that I heard a weak noise of bobbysocks.

In their first episode they visited a haunted house where every dark the dwellers could hear the sounds of people walking about. Your problem with talking to those who have achieved a higher station than yourself in not uncommon, a case on point is: As a young sergeant I was ordered to brief a three star General on a project my unit was working on.

I looked at Ria and could see my fright reflect in her eyes. I learned a long time ago that "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". After a while, I got sleep paralysis.

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The Most Frightening Experience of My Life Essay