Essay on annual prize distribution in my school

how to start prize distribution ceremony

The books for the prizes were selected. There was perfect silence in the canopy. Annual prize distribution functions one of them.

school annual day prize distribution ceremony

There was a table in the centre and three chairs, one for the president and the other two for the members of the Managing Committee. Popular of the school, Mirchand, got the audience going with the programme announcements.

He was garlanded and the badge was pinned on his coat by two senior students. Then was read the college annual report during the year. It was also decorated with paper bunting and flowers.

Long and great preparations were made for the day. The school had played the national song. It was followed by a short drama.

report on prize distribution ceremony in college

This was followed by the lighting of the lamp. The school had marched strength to strength. As he came to the dais, he was cheered by the students and the guests.

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Essay on Prize Distribution Function of My School