Food safety case in hk

Food safety case in hk

Back to Top Food Standards Setting food standards is an integral part of risk management in food safety. Here are some related tips. Members of the public may also contact the Communication Resource Unit of the Section for customised support on food safety initiatives. In addition, it provides a scientific basis for formulating food safety strategies, undertaking surveillance and monitoring of food and food products, establishing regulatory standards for food and identifying deficiencies in the food safety regulatory regime. In order to assist the trade and laboratory service providers to understand and comply with the Scheme, online resources including technical guidance notes, frequently asked questions, Nutrition Label Calculator, etc. Stay clear of local oysters and shellfish, however, and remember that many restaurants outside the major hotels and tourist areas use MSG in their dishes as a matter of course, especially fast-food restaurants and Chinese kitchens that import products from the mainland some health experts, however, debunk the widely held Western belief that MSG can cause numbness, weakness, or other ailments. The symposium provided a platform for experience sharing, updating on food safety issues, fostering partnership and collaboration, and providing an opportunity for communicating with the trade.

Summary of Risk Communication Activities in Item. But you should still pay attention to the hygiene of both the restaurant and its employees. The proposed regulatory framework has been refined in the light of the feedback received.

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It provides facilitation for the food trade to incorporate appropriate measures in their day-to-day practices and encourages the trade to commit to providing quality services grounded on food safety to Hong Kong people and tourists.

Stay Informed As a first step in ensuring food safety, you should stay informed about the latest safety issues in Hong Kong.

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It also publicises the results of food surveillance and risk assessment studies and relevant health advice. Passengers with pneumonia or fever, as well as those arriving from infected areas, are kept under close monitoring or isolation.

Enrolled on a voluntary basis, members of the Group communicate with the Centre from time to time through various forms of meetings as well as formal and informal communications and help shape the Centre's communication strategies.

At press time, however, neither has posed a threat for some time for those going to the SAR yes, its name is an unfortunate coincidence. You should also exercise care when handling leftovers.

As for the consumers, the Centre works actively with the Consumer Liaison Group to collect feedbacks and suggestions on various food safety issues. The NIIS has been updated with nutrient profiles from the Mainland and different overseas databases as well as local studies, and will continue its enhancement to include more nutrients that are of public concern and more user-friendly functions.

Hong Kong culled its entire poultry population several times after the first reported bird flu outbreak in the last reported human case of avian flu in Hong Kong was inand importation of poultry from mainland China is immediately halted whenever any outbreaks occur there.

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Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 食物環境衞生署