Harley davidsons customer centered supply chain

In a customer-centric supply chain model as shown in figure 2customer information, buying patterns, and changing customer needs are infused at every stage. In January, Harley-Davidson announced that it plans to increase investments in electric motorcycle EV technology and products to accelerate its growth and position as a leader in the electrification of motorcycles.

The system helps improve decision-making capabilities by offering an enterprise wide view of operations, sales, and expenses. Similarly, customers are offered multiple distribution channels including in-store delivery, same-day pickup, and overnight shipping, among others.

Apparently Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company, restructuring manufacturing strategy focuses on continuous improvement, Page 2 save cost and responds to the need of markets and their customers.

Page 8 References Barney and Hesterly. For that reason, effective management of strategic supply chain become important in attaining a high product quality and competitive advantage while utilizing the organization available resources. Sanders strategy is vital to business not only as this will determine the ways which it business strategy can be implement but also as its operation can be a source of competitive advantage.

harley davidson logistics

Customer-centric supply chain refers to all customer experience improvement initiatives embedded in the process of moving finished products from suppliers to customers.

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Essay on Harley Davidson Supply Chain Improvements