Humorist essay

Colbert uses humor to convey a message about how ill-informed people in our country are. Not only do people use shows like Saturday Night Live as meaningless entertainment, but, if I have to guess, a lot of people also end up gaining valuable knowledge about what may be happening around the world. Society watches the news and reads the paper with an objective eye which miraculously goes blind as they watch and read the work of a humorist. There are also examples in society of people that are humorists conveying messages that are not necessarily political in nature. Today, advanced communication leaves much room for public opinion and it is important that all sides of an opinion be provided to the public. For one, humorists have the ability and responsibility of making its audience laugh. In comedy, humor is used to convey messages that might be taken as too serious or controversial and adds humor to facilitate easier comprehension and understanding. Many people applauded and enjoyed Williams perspective of recreational marijuana use not only because of the comical and laughable methods of which he had presented the discussion excessive profanity and role-played movement , but because most of the audience had some sort of relation to what he was presenting. By making an underlying message laughable, it makes it easier for the audience to understand what the message of the material is actually conveying. Suess, Theodor.

Most people will not go out and say that simple truth for fear of offending someone. I believe that de Botton's stance towards humor having an essential role in the function of society is true, because humor does indiscreetly allow people to freely express and relate to messages and observations without the restraints of society on them, but also gives people more awareness of the presence of wrongs and ills in a society by making the observation surrounding them more easier to understand, through the usage of comical and amusing entertainment.

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Among the many types of humorists included with the television comics, editorial cartoonists are yet another prominent group who use humor to represent current events, without being penalized for their controversial views. There are manifold examples throughout history of the public being swayed on controversial matters by humorists intellectually weaving their opinions into their work.

Essay Topic: Society Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Here Bill Cosby conveys the absurdity of parents to let their grown-up children live at their house when they could go live on their own.

Humorist essay

Cross further goes on to mention how if such belief were to be true, then why were other "liberal" countries such as Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands exempt from the same treatment from the terrorists in the events of September 11th, Their notable reputation for being indiscreet to its own audience is what makes humor an effective tool in society.

Through these individuals, we find a liberated means of discussion from which we can express ideas that are otherwise considered to be taboo.

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Comedians Role in Society