Kobe v michael

He was a strong clutch performer with prolific trash-talk and a well-known work ethic.

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Across these games, Bryant scored an average of Brandon Jennings, the starting point guard for the Detroit Pistons, already answered this question before the season started.

When he was 6, his father quit the NBA and moved the family to Italy. Again, another well-dressed up myth. He simply didn't have to take over games. The Los Angeles Lakers are off to one of their worst starts in franchise history. You lose all credibility by making that type of sweeping, unproven statement.

Interestingly enough, none of them are compared to Jordan the way Kobe is. Out of the many myths I've heard regarding Bryant, here's three that make the least sense, but are regurgitated time and time again.

He was the 13th draft pick by the Charlotte Hornets inand was then immediately traded to the Lakers.

Kobe v michael

There is no rationale to such a terrible argument, but somehow Jordan becomes the scapegoat for such nonsense. Not Magic, not Bird, not Jordan, not one soul. Keep in mind that Bryant played in an era of more complicated defenses, bigger, faster and stronger opponents and constant double-teams.

So Jennings appears to be quite wrong.

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Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan: A Statistical Comparison