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Can make full use of new media literacies. Also, tell students up front exactly what your expectations are, and as you conference with them, make sure to give them honest feedback so there are no surprises when they get their graded project returned to them.

In hindsight, they amazed me with their passion for the topics they chose, for the genres they wanted to write, for the depth of their thinking, and for their responsibility they took on with researching. Potential exists for cross-curricular adventures.

A multigenre research project is a mixture of imagination, research, reading, writing, and ingenuity. They are rigorous forms of writing, involving all of the elements of a traditional research paper: research and citation, coherence and organization, purpose and aim of discourse, audience awareness, and conventional appropriateness.

Minilessons are sprinkled throughout. They package their ideas together symbolically, and they also include a transitional element a repetend, if you will that ties each piece of their writing together seamlessly. I introduced my students not only to traditional MLA research writing skills, but also to the concept of citing research in creative writing through footnotes and endnotes.

Makes coherence and unity a genuine rhetorical problem to be solved. It allows for student-driven learning. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

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When the choices are left up to the students, they really can impress you. Leave your tips and tidbits in the comments to help other teachers who are trying to organize theirs! What I am going to share are 11 reasons why you need to be rocking out this multigenre research paper — like, now. Regular research writing units can feel rushed. The results of this preparation, engagement, and trust are consistently surprising, heartening, and rhetorically sophisticated. You can access my free organizational materials for the prewriting portion of the MGP here. It really was worthwhile.

When students select topics they enjoy, they will be more likely to want to research different facets of that subject and, in turn, possibly dip into multiple content areas. But, I have to admit: I understood why she was teaching us about this approach to writing and reading.

Creativity is encouraged.

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