Musical instrument of mindanao

It is the only stringed instrument among the Maguindanao peopleand one of several among other groups such as the Maranao and Manobo.

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The bamboo is split and tied back in both ends, leaving a slit as resonator. Dimensions: length: cm. Serrano and Carmelita A.

aerophone musical instruments of mindanao

Material: bamboo fluteplastic wrapping around the chip Ethnolinguistic Group: Pinatubo Ayta source:wikipedia. Remarks Location: West Central Mindanao muslim south Kubing Idiophone, jaw harp Description Made of bamboo; the instrument is held before the opened mouth with the cut out tongue in front of the mouth opening.

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It is about 50 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. The player stands besides the rim of the gong where he inserts his left arm through the ropes which suspend the instrument to position his hand comfortably at the knob. By strongly breathing in or out the volume can be changed as well. The instruments is popular in Sulu. Gandingan - is a set of four graduated gongs, with thin rims and lower central knobs. It is played by striking the wooden bars with a wooden hammer. They hang in pairs with the knobs of the lower pitched gongs facing each other. It is a two-proged bamboo struck against the palm of one hand.

The large gong is struck with a special beater. Across top, wooden bars of different lengths are placed to fit the shape of the box, about 1 cm from each other.

Musical instruments of mindoro

It is made of wooden box with one end wider than the other, and with an open top. The small gongs are struck with two sticks of appr. Gandingan - is a set of four graduated gongs, with thin rims and lower central knobs. It is struck with thin bamboo sticks to produce a metallic sound. Among the Bukidnon, a similar instrument with the same construction except that it is three-fourths the length of the palendag, is called the hulakteb [3] For the Maguindanaon , the palendag was used for intimate gatherings for families in the evening. On the right hand, the player hold a mallet padded with rubber. The lute is decorated with floral motives; the tail is carved to represent a stylised crocodile head.

Remarks The drums, the stand and the frame are all quite roughly made but elaborately decorated with colourfully painted wood carvings, called 'okiran'.

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List of Philippine musical instruments