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Breathing hurts, talking hurts, and eating hurts. I don't like to call myself a professional travel bloggerI rather say I am a professional adventurer.

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It made me so happy to see that people had pets way back then. The first day I recommend going on the bus tour around the city. This little number is by Christian Dior. We almost did so, but we decided not to when we saw the line and the stairs we would have to climb. Give Paris a chance! I visited it a few years ago on a student trip with my University. I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and I cannot wait to go back! We took a train from Paris to Bayeux a charming town, by the way and then met our guide there. After a breakfast of croissants, muesli and orange juice I sat back and watched the French countryside pass me by and I arrived in less than 2 hours. Last couple of years we could organize outdoor activities until mid-November, with nice and sunny days. I had some anxiety leading up to the trip, but really once the plane took off from Newark, I was at ease. You guys are the best After this visit to Paris, I am even more in love with Impressionism than before.

No it is not, can I please have a new one! Seriously, these women looked incredible!

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I came back with a love of haute couture and impressionism. It had been hyped up by a few people and…. Marais is well known for some of the best vintage stores in Paris. Yep, I didn't come to see the Eiffel Tower, but more about that later. It is worth seeing from the outside though, and getting a selfie with the all important pyramid is a definite bucket list item. There was so much to see, so much to take in. My most visited city is probably Bangkok with 15 times and until last November I also had never been to London either.

The website is very easy to use, proposing interesting promotions from time to time. A bus? We spent the better part of the day in Montmartre, wandering around and popping in and out of shops.

There are over museums within city limitsand only a handful of them are famous.

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This is my favorite museum in the world.

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My travel diary: Three days in Paris