Orange crate lable

When early Orange growers, such as Dr. Most of the thousands that were left unused when the cardboard packing box became popular are available at a nominal cost. Although this identification served its purpose, it was not especially attractive and had little appeal for the wholesalers who bought the oranges.

It is a spectacular stone litho picturing an art nouveau lady smelling a rose. Spectacular colors and very detailed image of Chief Joseph. Printer's mark is from the Schmidt Litho Co.

Pictures a pretty girl and a Wenoka Indian on an arrowhead. Printer's mark is Olsen Bros. Nice image of four roses. I got him hooked on this stuff 20 years ago and he has been looking for it ever since.

vintage crate labels for sale

William Burgess Wall, packed and shipped their own fruit, they found the baskets and barrels customarily used for fruits and vegetables were unsatisfactory for sending oranges east by railroad car.

Wade Packers in Wenatchee, Washington. This is just a terrific label.

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Fruit Crate Labels