Short essay on qualities of a good citizen

He works hard to change the lot of his people. A good citizen has great respect for the tradition and culture of his country.

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Short paragraph on an ideal citizen

This is the horse's telos, or purpose. Interesting posts. If you would like to order a paper about the best American newspapers, chat with our support agents. A person must have certain qualities in order to good citizen. He does not fail to distinguish between ri He is clean in habits and thoughts. They always exercise them intelligently. First, Aristotle points out that although nature would like us to be able to differentiate between who is meant to be a slave and who is meant to be a master by making the difference in reasoning capacity visible in their outward appearances, it frequently. He always helps the poor and needy. They are bold daring. A good citizen is a man of good habit and noble thinking. He should have great concern for his motherland. Smile and laugh, be open and sincere. He has regard for the heroes, saints, seers and their teachings.

He is always truthful and hence, never avoids paying taxes. He must be vigilant against the enemies of the country. He needs to be a nationalist. This simply involves taken part of things that could make the community better. The prime duty of a citizen is to become a good, conscious, dutiful and responsible citizen.

Thus he is aware of both his privileges and his duties.

citizenship essay

Such a person never loses temper whatever the provocation may be. A good citizen is a man of good habit and noble thinking. He is always vigilant against the anti-social elements and criminals. Young men may be called on to serve in the armed forces.

It means that you may help people in case of emergency.

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