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Retrieved September 04, from Encyclopedia. He was a direct descendant of the first Duke of Marlborough.

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Churchill inspired the country to keep fighting despite the bad circumstances. Winston Churchill fit into the latter category.

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After a year of war, Britain, it predicted, would be bankrupt. Churchill himself turned the s into his wilderness years by choosing to wander in the political desert. His attempts, on the other hand, to persuade his colleagues to overthrow the Bolsheviks in Russia were unsuccessful. He did not believe that war was inevitable and knew that Hitler wanted Britain as an ally. At age twelve he was accepted in Military School where he studied military tactics. Meanwhile, along with Lloyd George , he played a major part in laying the foundations of the welfare state by establishing labour exchanges and social insurance. What makes you cringe? Churchill had shown signs of fragile health as early as , when he suffered a heart attack while visiting the White House. He managed to escape from prison and traveled miles to be rescued. Childhood and schooling: — Blenheim Palace , Churchill's ancestral home and his birthplace Churchill was born at the family's ancestral home, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire , on 30 November , [1] at which time the United Kingdom was the dominant world power. He was now 77 years old, had suffered two strokes, and would suffer two more. He wrote to his American contemporary and offered to sign his own works "Winston Spencer Churchill", [22] adding the first half of his full surname, Spencer-Churchill, which he did not otherwise use. If not, perhaps he could be overthrown before it came to war.

Almost immediately he became involved in a madcap scheme to send an expeditionary force to Norwayostensibly to help save Finland from the Russians, but in practice to cut off Swedish iron ore from the Germans.

He did not believe that war was inevitable and knew that Hitler wanted Britain as an ally.

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The appeasers, therefore, had a good case. Upon entering grade school, Churchill was characterized as being very independent and disobedient. Churchill's star, however, was set to wane. On his third attempt he managed to pass the entrance examination to the Royal Military College now Academy , Sandhurst , but, once there, he applied himself seriously and graduated 20th in a class of He in turn rejected Eisenhower's request the following year to involve the British in Vietnam to save the French. It changed nothing, yet it changed the world forever. Beginning with Mr Winston Churchill on the Education Bill , over such tracts were published over his career. Churchill was still adored and respected, but the voters guessed that he was not the man for post-war reconstruction. He was born into the upper class but was able to sympathize with the poor and working class too. A few months later he was recalled by Lloyd George to become minister of munitions, although his influence on events remained minimal.

With the general election ofChurchill returned to government. He was now 77 years old, had suffered two strokes, and would suffer two more.

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Battle of Britain Quickly, Churchill formed a coalition cabinet of leaders from the Labor, Liberal and Conservative parties.

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