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I can remember being chastised at school by a teacher who insisted that a civilized person could never put a comma before and or use the words lot and got. Languages are not wholly consistent.

Certain types of material, printed in the vernacular, seemed to threaten the status and security of the elite. We still hear this today, though of course what pleases my ear may distress yours.

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The Scandinavian connection remained, though, and became especially important between and when England had, in succession, three Danish kings. There are good grounds for this: there is scant evidence that English literature or the history of the language were taught to young people before about These perceived problems may be rejected by the descriptivist as chimeras.

Having spent, so he said, thirty years abroad, Caxton was struck on his return to England by what he saw as a north—south divide. Generally, you need to pick up about three words in ten to get an inkling of what a conversation is about; it is the lack of redundancy in mathematics and its teaching that explains why so much maths bewilders so many people.

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Language is form, not substance; not communication, but a system of communication — a point on which I shall expand. And not only between different languages, but also within each language, there is this disparity, this scattering, this dissociation — which can be seen as a problem, as a mere fact, or as the very wellspring of the efforts we pour into communicating. This principle can be illustrated by the case of another common adverb, only. The Burushaski language spoken in some northern parts of Pakistan distinguishes four genders. And this lack of examination is a theme of our entire relationship to language — for language is a central plank of our existence about which we nevertheless have beliefs and opinions that, while passionate, are primitive and unscientific. To expect a natural language to behave like mathematics is akin to expecting a child to behave like an iPod. For two hundred years or so after the arrival of printing, some writers shunned print because they wished to be read only among their own coterie. Claim for that matter that some languages are spoken much faster than others or that Americans are ruining English. Elizabeth and her successor, James I, were not the first monarchs to play a palpable role as patrons of English.

Twenty years ago, or sixty? However, it must be considered that the findings found in this research article should be supported by other factors that are not included in its totality yet believed to have some degree of importance or effect e. Talking proper Tyndale was a heroic figure, repeatedly condemned as a heretic.

The proper utilization of words can bring into play the possibility of careers and even great opportunities ahead. The choice of whether you want to use your language super power for good construction or evil destruction is entirely up to you.

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