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Back to top The author makes the comparison clearer in Chapter Heck Tate Maycomb County's trusty sheriff, who is ultimately an honest and upstanding man.

Reverend Sykes gives a sermon, which like that of the Finches' usual preacher, focuses on "the Impurity of Women" Back to top Scout is four years younger than Jem, who is nearly thirteen when he is attacked by Bob Ewell so she is at most eight at the time when she attends Tom Robinson's trial.

The reader has the advantage of a storyteller who can look back at a situation and see herself exactly as she was. As a young boy, he was in trouble with the police, and his strictly religious and reclusive parents have kept him indoors ever since. Her work has appeared regularly in the Orlando Sentinel.

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The church is plain and there aren't any hymn-books, but Cal won't let Scout ask questions. Conner in the court outhouse.

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