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Hudson Company operated a chain of department stores called Hudsons in Detroit. Targets top executives had limited experience in the discount retail business and they found the rapid expansion to 46 stores by difficult to manage. When the economy is slow, consumers are cautious about spending, and shop at Wal-Mart because it has so many low-cost items.

Wal-Mart pledged to have a team member at every register during the peak hours of the holiday shopping season beginning after Black Friday, which it's referring to as its "checkout promise. Whether the feature is real or just in the mind of the customer, customers must believe they are being offered something special.

These 40 Ayr-Way stores were converted into Target Stores in Their presence is felt on social media as well, as sites like Facebook have proven to be a powerful tool in developing strong integrated marketing communications programs.

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It opened two stores in Denver. Leave a comment. These smaller locations are a better fit in close-knit communities who might be less receptive to a Wal-Mart warehouse, but more importantly they feature the ability to presumably get in and out with ease. But, if Target can successfully court shoppers back into its stores I'd opine that its favorable customer service image prior to the data breach debacle last year will more than likely keep those consumers loyal.

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Best of all, these two companies are finally addressing a primary complaint their customer bases had about their stores. This type of store is standard, with large windowless single-story buildings. Their integrated communications programs focus on identifying the products and services that the companies offer and making it known and readily accessible to the consumers and target market.

It installed an In-Store Information Systems program that used hand-held scanners in a pull system and started using EDI with vendors that accounted for more than two-thirds of its volume.

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