Writes of passage writing an empirical journal article

The SLR is a form of research that reviews, critiques, and synthesizes representative literature on a topic in an integrated way, generating new frameworks and perspectives Torraco,using a much larger paper set than a CA.

Other researchers and academics then review the research and ensure that there are no errors or false conclusions. Have Others Read It and Heed Their AdviceWhen your manuscript is ready, ask two orthree colleagues, preferably those with publishingexperience, to read it. CAs can cover broad or narrow topics: for example, Anderson et al. The details of your study design go in themethod section below , but why you madeyour major design decisions goes in the statementof the problem. For qualitative reports, this section is lessterse and stylized, but the information providedis similar: How were the concepts coded, whatreasons do we have for judging the results reliableand valid, and what method was used toanalyze the data including software, if any? If yourmeasures are extensively used, you can providea citation and omit extensive information aboutspecific properties such as factor analysis. An empirical article reports on research using data collected from experiments or observations. In a bare-bones fashion, without hyperboleor exaggeration, state the findings of thestudy. Revisionsoften require a lot of work—perhapsrebuilding the data set, reanalyzing it, and refocusingthe literature review. For scales, an indicator of reliability and perhapsunidimensionality is important. If it is not set up in your theory section,it is probably a different paper. Reporting andinterpreting results in family research. In this case, the most sensibleresponse is sometimes to chalk this up to experienceand move on to a more fruitful project. This section should include sample size,how respondents were selected or recruited, andfrom what population respondents were drawn. A SLR starts arguing the need for the review article, the importance of the problem or topic to be examined, and by justifying why a SLR is the appropriate way to address the problem.

Although it Journal of Marriage and Familyclearly on the first page and should remaincentral and obvious throughout the paper. For example, the overall measure of learning would be given first and then the measures of different types of learning.

In addition, authors have some latitudein developing a personal style. Unlike a CA, in which authors review the literature from a personal perspective, a SLR makes the reviewing process as structured, transparent, replicable and exhaustive as possible Torraco, Then it selects and examines a body of literature, exposing its strengths and deficiencies, to create a better understanding of the topic through synthesis, by integrating existing and new ideas to create a new formulation for the topic or issue Torraco, , p. However, despite its importance, it seems that how to build the review of a body of literature is considered a simple, obvious task Hart, , and thus, there is actually few texts that delve into that effort. Discussed the implications of those results? Summary, Discussion, ConclusionAlthough headings may vary, articles need toend with a summary, a discussion, and a conclusion. The organization of the piece, the titles of varioussections, and the relative weight of these sectionsvary from paper to paper and from journalto journal, but some general guidelines apply toreports of qualitative and quantitative research. Even scholars with page lists of publicationscan probably count on the fingers of onehand the number of manuscripts that have beenaccepted outright without a request for somerevision. The end result is usuallya much better paper.

Reporting andinterpreting results in family research. CA offers a view on the state-of-art of knowledge on a subject, provide analytical frameworks and indicate avenues for future research.

writes of passage writing an empirical journal article

It is both the conclusionof the literature review and the introduction tomethodology. Introduction This section outlines the topic and the question that the researcher aims to answer through the research.

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This paper draws upon those contributions to suggest some guidelines for authors to write literature review sections for their empirical papers, and provide a convincing rationale to supports this effort, especially from the Operations Management OM point of view.

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Writes of Passage: Writing an Empirical Journal Article