Writing a birthday card in spanish

writing a birthday card in spanish

Listen again and then answer the questions. We hope you have a great day with all your friends and family. OR: No me gusta decir mi edad.

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The most common way to wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish is felicidades. However, when we break them down in the most literal sense, the two words are not the same. For your loved one's birthday this year, use this Spanish Happy Birthday card to show your excitement for their special day!

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Claudia: Thanks Itzan…. But for now, read the lyrics of this version and see if you can understand the meaning. By this I mean parties, cake and presents are all commonplace. Claudia: My birthday is on November 15th, when is yours?

Happy birthday in spanish

Just take a look! Translation: May God bless you on your birthday. This birthday card is a fabulous choice for the gal in your life celebrating her birthday. Cumplir can be treated as a regular -ir verb, and conjugated as necessary. My mother always feels anxious when she has a birthday. Well wishes Spanish speakers are generally very fond of expressing as much love and happiness with their language as they can. Itzan: Wait, there is more to come. Translation: We wish you a blessed birthday! Spanish questions you might be asked around your birthday time Is it you who will be the birthday boy or girl and you want to know how to deal in the Spanish-speaking world around this time of year?
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Phrases for Wishing Happy Birthday in Spanish