Writing a news report year 1 movie

Children carry out hot seating activities - interviewing people that know or knew the subject of their writing. Use the last few seconds of the clip to stimulate rich descriptive writing.

The children could write a narrative about someone who collects stars Brave - Pixar As well as using whole short films - film trailers provide a wealth of visual images to use in the classroom.

Include some rules such as the character cannot play the instrument at all. A huge thank you to them for taking the time to come and see us. And I think 2 chilled days together next week will be just what we need before we break up for the summer holidays.

news script for students

This week we have had lots of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and practise our running for sports day. Is it the same?

tv news report script example ks2

Yesterday we had 2 visitors who came in to talk to us about the Jewish religion. Yesterday Reception joined us to do a bit of sports day practise!! If so, make a list. The children can write an extended narrative based on the trailer.

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Lesson 3: Writing news