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Your character wants to make a good impression, but her husband has a tendency to drink too much and say exactly what's on his mind Your class gets snowed in at school. But when they meet up, he realizes they have no connection. Then they freeze, their joy turning to anger, rage.

People read romance to be invested, to feel something real. You switch places for a day with your dad. What they find is emptiness…for miles and miles and miles. And make them realistic! He would The first few people seem fine and the extra income is great. Write about how all the pictures of your character and their sister go missing from their home…one by one. Use our free worksheet to develop your story plot. But when a competing realtor starts stealing all of her clients, she has to fight back in unusual ways to keep her business alive. Need feedback on your short story? John and I had been trying to have a baby for four years by the time Joshua Chimer came into our lives. When she finally unlocked the door, she was mortified to find But when it seems like a cure is within reach, a suspicious fire burns all of their research…or so it seemed.

Your character has recently married a man with two teenage children. Once a week, on the same day, at the same time.

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Write about a character who embarks on a quest to locate a special type of rock that lights fires almost instantly — something their settlement needs. Your character develops the idea that she can hear the voices of the dead on a certain radio channel. Once a week, on the same day, at the same time. If only I had been a few minutes In fact, in the video, they approach the camera, smirk, and walk away with a wave before disappearing for nearly the entire night. Joseph Mclaughlin — read story Reedsy's Writing Prompts Contest When the idea to start a weekly newsletter with writing inspiration first came to us, we decided that we wanted to do more than provide people with topics to write about. Your character is a professional photographer. You really have to focus on the structure of your writing in order to create that reaction. Finding yourself between two men who are at odds with one another is a bit complicated but when one is thirty-two and the other is eight years old it, can be downright When an outsider tampers with its mechanisms, the tower breaks down, leaving your main character and everyone else struggling to survive. Next week I'm supposed to go away to veterinarian school but The tight-knit family running the place welcomes them with open arms…and then invites them to take part in what really happens when they close at night. Write about how in the distant future, magic is discovered as being real…at least for the humanoid creatures inhabiting an Earth-like planet.

Write a story about how your character sees balloons — hundreds of them — floating toward the sky from miles away. With a rumor of a way out located in the midst of the neutral zone, your main character must venture through two other regions to get there.

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Now your characters can even hook up with people through your phone, all while staying at home. Your character, who has spent their entire life in this world, takes a trip to the mountains far away from their home. Mom would be in the kitchen chopping a continuous supply of watermelon or making sandwiches. How they both ended up in the same city away from their hometowns makes no sense to them. What if humans are all organic robots that killed off their makers long ago? Write about your character, who gets caught in the middle of an ancient feud between two families as a result of one of their failures. They do some digging and discover the source…a small child with rags for clothes and hollow cheeks. Write a romance about how falling in love is dangerous — especially for your character, who must stay focused if they want to rule someday. Your character feels she can't send the missionary out into the storm, so she lets him come down into her basement with her. She could hear the shower water running when she came in the front door. She decides to take advantage of this channel to find answers to some questions that are bothering her about her dead parents Some excel at it, some are only okay, and others are against it completely, despite being able to use it.

This has never happened before. What they never thought of, though, was the fact that one day, the could be kidnapped and used as leverage.

writing a story prompt

Tagged, chipped, and shuffled into line. Your character feels she can't send the missionary out into the storm, so she lets him come down into her basement with her.

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