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I got 13th in the State for Legal Studies last year, with a mark of Time management is key; keep an eye on the clock, and make sure you go to the bathroom before the exam. When it comes to studying for Trials and HSC, again, keep in mind the exam structure. Remember the purpose of including media articles or similar , is to portray how the legal issue in question is viewed by society and how this reflects on the legal and non legal responses. Content is a given. How do we know this? Use the 5 minutes to decide which elective question you will tackle, and begin formulating arguments for all 3 essays. Know the technicalities! This is known as doli incapax, which is rebuttable for those up to the age of 14 under the Children. The inability of the law in allowing cooperation between nations, as well as a lack of understanding of the core of international crime is evident. Candidates who wrote long responses ran the risk of lacking focus and not presenting a sustained, logical and cohesive response as required by the rubric. The backbone of these responses is LCMT, so it makes sense to structure study notes around them. However, when giving me my marks he stated "Even though I vehemently disagree with your thesis, this is irrelevant for the purpose of determining your marks" Another important point is that you should NEVER take a pre-prepared or memorised essay into the exam.

So, make sure you know the key laws and cases for each area of the course. All the good stuff which will prove super helpful.

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To find out more and get started with an inspirational tutor and mentor get in touch today! As such, poor grammar can indirectly cost you marks. A marker cannot deduct marks from you because they disagree with your argument. Whilst it may seem obvious, having them marked is of vital importance, as the feedback is what helps you identify areas in need of improvement. These points will form the basis for each section in the body of the essay. Writing practice essays can greatly help improve your essay writing skills. For example: It is clear that issues of state sovereignty and the complexity of international cooperation have yet to be properly addressed with measures against international crime. Legislation and cases specifically can also be used to demonstrate a point of law i. Age of criminal responsibility Children Criminal Proceedings Act NSW Children under the age of 10 are presumed too young to form mens rea and thus to commit a crime.

If you can, tick! Exam Tips There are lots of tips I can share for doing well in the Legal Studies exam: There is a ridiculous amount to do in three hours.

You are required to write around 2, words in three hours plus answer a small series of multiple choice and short answer questions. For the sake of this example, we will use one possible thesis: The criminal justice system does provide some effective and relevant concessions for young offenders.

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As a general note, this guide is mainly designed for students who are struggling with essay writing. Personally, my passion is human rights which is probably obvious with my above examples. It becomes much more enjoyable this way That about wraps it up for this guide! These need to be clear, as they mark the logical progression of your argument. Legislation and cases specifically can also be used to demonstrate a point of law i. In order to understand what I was talking about, I needed to do as much reading as possible. Perhaps arson could be an alternative charge?

Content is a given. Similar to the use of counter-arguments, this technique can also make your essays stand out to a marker. Quantify this by describing precisely what your viewpoint is, whether that be very effective, somewhat effective or not effective at all.

Watch the News! Elaborate: Despite the existence of anti-drug measures adopted internationally, such as the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and the Convention against the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substancesthe continued pervasiveness of large-scale drug trafficking reveals the inadequacy of these laws to target the root cause of international drug crime.

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Three essays, a short answer section, and a multiple choice, is a LOT.

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How to Write a HSC Legal Studies Essay Scaffold in 5 Steps